MVI – MultiVision Inc. continues to be a leader in the video rental marketplace, offering our clients a wide range of product offerings with a primary focus on indoor and outdoor LED video screens.

A pioneer in the field, MVI got into the LED game back in 2000 and has since continued to expand and grow.  With recent LED video screen purchases MVI has increased its LED video inventory to 10,000 square feet; the equivalent of 100 million LED lamps. With resolutions from 2.5 mm to 18 mm we can always offer the right product at the right price.

With the largest range and quantity of LED products in Canada and challenging most in the United States as well, MVI continues to set itself apart from the competition.  Not only is our equipment serviced in-house by trained technicians enhancing the superiority of our own quality control process, MVI also services LED screens for many of the large LED companies throughout North America.

Together, well maintained and updated equipment as well as certified technicians and dedicated project managers create a winning formula, ultimately designed for the success of your events.

When it comes to video you can trust the experts at MVI.

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