New at MVI : Ultra High Resolution 2.5 mm LED

MVI continues to stay at the forefront of LED video display technology introducing our ultra-high resolution 2.5 mm LED video screens to the North American rental market.
The super fine resolution, high brightness and superior colour uniformity provides stunning, crisp images at even closer viewing distances than previously possible. A screen size of  just 9′ high x 16′ wide achieves full HD resolution.

In addition to being the first in Canada and among an elite few firms in North America with ultra high resolution LED screens, MVI’s offerings have grown to over 3,000 panels or a total of 9,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor LED video screen product; giving our clients resolution options from 2.5 mm to 18 mm.

MVI – MultiVision Inc. remains the company of choice for discerning clients that expect the best in quality equipment and exemplary service.



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