MVI : LED Sales Division Officially Open for Business

Our LED Video Screen Sales Division is now open for business. MVI has been in the LED video screen business for nearly two decades.  We are industry trailblazers that did not just jump on a trend but rather helped create it.

For years we have utilized LED video screen technology for rental projects and installations.

Unlike many in the industry MVI also continues to service our own LED screen inventory as well as the inventory of other companies around the world.

Today we are announcing our official launch into the LED Video Screen Sales and Installation marketplace. Our 20 year relationship with LED manufacturers in the UK, Asia and North America has naturally progressed to this point, so that we can offer our clients an opportunity to purchase LED video screens distributed by MVI.

You can trust that we will always offer the right product for your particular project; providing you with professional pre-sales advice, expert installation as well as skilled after sales service.

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